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N-tours is a Canadian tour company based in Montreal. We specialize in organizing Montreal city tours and excursions for small-size groups and individuals. We offer our guests a general, and more in depth idea about Montreal, its inhabitants and their lifestyle as well as the surrounding regions.

Hi ! My name is Mounir and I am the founder of N-tours. 

I am a tour guide/intercultural consultant with an over 20-year intercultural, international experience in tourism and intercultural relations.

At N-tours, our highest goal is to achieve guests' satisfaction. If you are happy, we are happy !

Our guides are Montreal licensed tourist guides.

We strive to enhance our guests' experiences and get a clearer idea about the cultural mosaic of Montreal the metropolis of Québec province and 2nd largest city in Canada.​

Our Team







Daily tours

We organize daily tours in Montreal that offer a comprehensive idea of the city and could be complimentary to each other. Our tours cater to free independent travelers (FIT) and small groups. Each tour will have a total of 12 or less participants. Tours are offered in the Morning, afternoon and evening 7 days a week.

Daily excursions

Year-round, small group full-day excursions of approximately 9 hours each that will make you discover the beautiful regions within less than 2 hours travel from Montreal. 

Private tours

More exclusive tours could be organized by contacting us directly. Private tours take in consideration guests' interests and availability. Itineraries are tailor-made by experienced tour guides, much in advance or only minutes before tour start, depending on guests' booking date and preferences.

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